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Whether boyish and bushy or thin and precise, nowadays brows are bold whatever way you wear them. With the plethora of products out there now dedicated to eyebrow enhancing, it’s easy to mix up the style and shape as you would you wardrobe. Well, kinda.

Using tiny tweaks, I tried three ways to wear my brows with the help of Brow by Mii expert Nicola Wakeling’s top tips and tool kit.


The trend for well-groomed brows that look less ‘drawn-on’ results in a more natural, textured brow that flatters the face. Picture Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s defined – but natural – feathery eyebrows.

Step 1:
Brush your brows upwards with a small wand or brow brush.


Step 2:
Choose a powder that’s fairer than your natural brow colour for this natural look and apply through the brows for a wash of colour to keep them looking ‘real’. By using powder you add extra texture and bulk to the brow.


Step 3:
Using a clear brow gel, brush the hairs directly upwards and allow to set – this will not only lift the brow but also soften the contours of the brow, giving an unstructured soft yet groomed finish.





In case you missed the memo, arched brows are back, but if you want to work with a full texture instead of skinny brows circa the 90s, try changing the shape or your eyebrows by using a template. Work with your natural arch which you can find using the handle of a brow pencil to measure from the side of your nose to the side of the iris.

Step 1:
Place your chosen stencil (we used the Brow by Mii Statement Brow Kit, £16.95, which has five different shapes to choose from: two for petite features three for regular features, and one includes an extreme high arch) over your brows. Line up the stencil directly above the inside edge of your eye. Pivot the stencil so that it reaches as high as possible within your existing brow.


Step 2:

Hold firmly in place while filling in using a brow powder (we used the one from the Statement Brow Kit). For a denser brow, finish off with a precision brow detailer and to make your brows appear more even, apply some concealer underneath the line of the brow.






For defined brows that stand out, select a shade that’s as dark as, or one shade darker than, your natural brows and work symmetrically. Do both sides simultaneously – not one brow first, then the other – so that they mirror each other.

Step 1:
With a precision brow detailer begin by drawing in the lower brow line, keeping your line as straight as possible. Start filling in the brow from the bottom, feathering upwards. Use small brush strokes from the inside of the brow out, to avoid harsh lines.


Step 2:
For a strong brow look, add a straighter more defined line at the top of the brow.


Step 3:
Use a highlighter underneath the line of the brow to add definition around the area and make the brows appear more even, blending with your finger, and do the same with concealer on top.

If you want a glossy finish set with some finishing brow gel to keep the brows immaculately groomed.





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