Medi Spa

Medi Spa

At Agua’s Medi Spa you can go for skin and body improvement without operations . Our skin specialists offer peelings, light therapy and slimming treatments.We also offer cosmetic doctor Esther de Vries in our building.

With the fabbody system we give you nutritional advice and help you lose weight. Of course, personal attention is central and you will receive a tailor-made treatment.

SkinPen - medical microneedling

Renew the skin in depth, without causing superficial damage and with minimal recovery time. This is possible with the SkinPen, a unique medical microneedling system. The SkinPen is the only microneedling system that, in addition to an FDA approval, also has a medical CE class 2a. The manufacturer has a proven quality system and is therefore in possession of the ISO13485 certificate. Indications such as (acne) scars, pigmentation, irregular skin structure, sagging skin and fine lines can be treated very effectively. With the arrival of the SkinPen, microneedling is safer, more precise and more effective than ever before.

Benefits of the SkinPen

  • FDA approved – so meets strict US safety and use requirements.
  • Medical CE class 2a – so meets strict European safety and usage requirements
  • ISO13485 certificate – the manufacturer of the SkinPen has a proven quality system within the organization 
  • Tested and validated in laboratories to avoid the risk of cross-contamination 
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Treatments can be done all year round

What does the SkinPen do for your skin?

The SkinPen creates small micro channels in the skin using very small, sterile needles that vibrate onto the skin. This activates the natural recovery process deep in the skin, causing new collagen (type 3) and elastin to be produced. Type 3 collagen is necessary to produce and organize effective tissue structures in the skin at the right pace. This type of collagen is then converted to type 1 collagen, resulting in the desired and long-lasting result without (subcutaneous) scars. Collagen provides volume and firmness to the skin, while elastin ensures the skin’s resilience. The result: the skin becomes firmer and fuller and the skin complexion becomes more even, fresher and more radiant!

What makes the SkinPen so safe?

With the SkinPen you are always assured of safe treatment of your skin. A continuously monitored fixed needle depth and 0% chance of skin damage due to perfection in the needles themselves. The mechanism of the SkinPen is in the interchangeable head and the needle depth can be adjusted on the cartridge itself. As a result, the needle never goes deeper or more superficially into the skin than set and optimal safety is guaranteed with every treatment. In addition, the needle cartridges have a safety mechanism that ensures that each needle cartridge can only be used once. The chance of cross-contamination (transferring other people’s blood and/or diseases) is therefore 0%.

Mega hype 

NEW and EXCLUSIVE at Agua: 


Yes! We have big news! We are the first and only one in the Netherlands to have a completely new and powerful cold Laser at our disposal, which recently caused a great stir at the launch by Gwyneth Paltrow in her boutique in America and at the Oscars with Hailey Bieber, among others: the LYMA Laser. At Agua Skin Institute we will exclusively perform the LYMA Laser Red Carpet treatment (60 or 90 minutes). We can also offer these Lasers exclusively in the Netherlands for home use.

Laser technologie

Laser technology has been used in hospitals for 50 years to heal injuries and regenerate cells. As a world first, LYMA developed this technology, creating the industry’s most powerful beauty device with no downtime to transform your skin.

The LYMA-Laser: how does it work?

The skin has two aging processes. The LYMA laser works on both levels of the skin aging process and ensures that: 

⁃ The destruction of healthy skin cells is reversed and regenerated. 

⁃ More proteins are produced in the existing cells to fight free radicals.

Het verschil

What is different about the LYMA laser from other lasers on the market? Most lasers work through controlled thermal injury. They inflict thermal damage on the tissue to stimulate collagen production, causing the skin to feel sensitive and require downtime. The LYMA Laser works completely differently. It uses low-level laser therapy, or near-infrared laser light, a technology borrowed from the medical industry, where it is used to treat problems from cartilage repair to tendon healing. This light is extremely powerful and can penetrate deep under the skin completely safely and effectively. The Lyma laser can not only reach the deepest skin layers, but also the underlying fat and muscle tissue.

What does this mean for your skin?

After days: Deep in the skin, the laser light reaches the fundamental level of the dermis, targeting the fibroblasts. Aging skin cells are given new instructions to rejuvenate and regenerate. 


After weeks: As the cells produce more collagen and elastin, you notice a glow. More cells are switched back to their rejuvenating phase and are now making their way to the skin’s surface. Some skin conditions are already seeing a huge improvement. 


After months: Fine lines and wrinkles fade. Skin feels firmer, renewed elastin levels give skin a plumper, more resilient texture. Scars fade, rosacea is soothed, skin texture is refined. 


After: Collagen and elastin are at their maximum levels. Your skin looks the best it has in years, with cells regenerated from the ground up. The LYMA Laser is at the heart of your skin care routine.

We are all over. What about you?

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Introduction Drs. Esther de Vries

My name is Doctor Esther de Vries. I am a certified cosmetic doctor KNMG and owner of the DokterEs clinic. In July 2022 I moved my practice to Agua Skin Institute.

A well-rested and fresh look, without looking treated. That is what I stand for and what I will always put first. By applying botox and filler in moderation and in the right way, a natural result can be created, appropriate to the age and face. Every face is unique with its own beauty and I want to keep it that way. That is why I have a passion for optimizing the aging process. This creates that well-rested fresh look, but also retains the individual character of the face, appearance and mimicry.

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A chemical peel is a treatment with a liquid that gives visible skin improvement, stimulates cell renewal and removes dead skin cells. The skin becomes more even, pigment spots are reduced, pores become less visible and the skin will renew and rejuvenate. A mild (without ‘downtime’ that can be integrated into any facial) to more powerful treatment where we can treat skin problems in a targeted manner. Chemical peels are also perfect to give your skin a boost so that you can achieve and maintain that beautiful glow.


We use the peelings of the SkinCeuticals brand. We use a SkinCeuticals peeling for the following skin conditions:


Skin aging

During this treatment we use a peeling with glycolic acid and high concentrations of antioxidants. This makes the structure finer and the skin will shine more. Suitable for skin where the first signs of aging are visible.


Intensive Hydration

As we get older, the skin can hold less and less moisture. Moisture lines appear and the skin feels rougher. With this peeling we will remove the dead skin cells so that the skin feels less rough. By stimulating cell division, the beautiful, young and hydrated skin cells are pushed to the surface faster, making the skin more radiant. The skin can now also hold the moisture. Suitable for dehydrated skin.


Even and radiant skin color

If the skin looks dull, it no longer shines. This chemical peel and antioxidants make the skin glow again. Suitable for anyone with dull, dry skin and a slight discoloration.


Pigmentation / Skin discolorations

Do you suffer from pigmentation spots? Then this peeling will help you with this. We combine advanced pigment technologies with exfoliating methods to make superficial pigmentation spots less visible. Suitable for pigment discolorations, blotchy skin, sun damage or hormonal discolorations.



With a peeling we tackle the excessive sebum production and blockages. Also a nice peeling if you suffer from acne + skin aging. Suitable for anyone with acne and/or blemished skin.

TC-Cryo Lipolysis

Permanent fat removal without surgery! The treatment is fast, effective, safe and painless. Without injections, operations or recovery period. This new technique makes it possible to treat fat in specific places such as the abdomen, waist (love handles), thighs (saddlebags) and back without damaging tissue.

The removal of the fat cells is permanent, just like a liposuction, in a healthy lifestyle. The results are retained as long as with liposuction. If you maintain your weight through sufficient exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the results will also remain stable in the long term.

Depending on the body part, a 3 to 10 centimeter reduction in size can be achieved per treatment. After the treatment, no recovery time is required and you can continue with your daily activities. This makes the treatment a perfect alternative to liposuction. You will be amazed at the results.

The TC CRYO is a thermocontrast therapy with a safe controlled temperature (no freezing). The TC CRYO switches from + 6 degrees to +41 degrees in just 6 seconds with a total duration of 55 minutes per treatment.

Medi Spa

Icoone Laser Massage

By diet and size reduction you ensure that your skin loosens extra. With Icoone laser we can simultaneously target subcutaneous fat tissue and bring your skin in optimal condition through mechanical connective tissue massage. Released waste products from TC Cryo therapy, among other things, are removed, the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen, fat accumulations are tackled, elasticity of the skin is increased and contours are tightened. The LED and laser additions in this therapy ensure that fat cells are dealt with even more because the fat in the cells is liquefied and removed.


It is also possible to add extra zones to the treatment such as the popular ‘butt-lift’ for a lifted buttocks or the cellulite treatment for ‘saddlebags’ and the well-known ‘swimming band’. You can discuss these options with the practitioner during the intake or before each treatment.

For body & face!

Dermalux ®

Dermalux light therapy has been clinically proven and has been voted the best skin treatment in England for two years in a row. We are very happy that we can offer you this therapy, Agua’s Dermalux really works!

Light therapy rejuvenates, repairs and revitalizes and achieves fantastic results in the field of skin problems and anti-aging. In combination with Priori peels, the effect is completely amazing. Try it yourself and book now a Dermalux session!

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Oxygen power facials

All our life functions depend on oxygen. Our body cells constantly need sufficient oxygen to be able to obtain energy from structure and nutrients in order to function optimally.

With an oxygen treatment, skin improvement products with 95-98% pure oxygen are brought deeper into the skin under high pressure to optimize cell functions. The blood circulation is improved, making the skin more radiant. The skin appears plumper, elasticity is increased and skin moisture is improved. Our oxygen method is supported by various medical studies.

Receive special attention:
Nose-lips fold, the area around the mouth, the eye area, the thinking wrinkle and the transverse wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks. OXYGEN POWER FACIAL is 100% safe, effective and relaxing to undergo. Inhalation therapy can also be booked separately. Ask our specialists for more information .