Medi Spa

Medi Spa

At Agua’s Medi Spa you can go for skin and body improvement without operations . Our skin specialists offer peelings, light therapy and slimming treatments. Lijn16 gives you nutritional advice and helps you lose weight. Of course, personal attention is central and you will receive a customized treatment!


A chemical peel is a treatment with a liquid that gives visible skin improvement, stimulates cell renewal and removes dead skin cells. The skin becomes more even, pigment spots are reduced, pores become less visible and the skin will renew and rejuvenate. A mild (without ‘downtime’ that can be integrated into any facial) to more powerful treatment where we can treat skin problems in a targeted manner. Chemical peels are also perfect to give your skin a boost so that you can achieve and maintain that beautiful glow.


We use the peelings of the SkinCeuticals brand. We use a SkinCeuticals peeling for the following skin conditions:


Skin aging

During this treatment we use a peeling with glycolic acid and high concentrations of antioxidants. This makes the structure finer and the skin will shine more. Suitable for skin where the first signs of aging are visible.


Intensive Hydration

As we get older, the skin can hold less and less moisture. Moisture lines appear and the skin feels rougher. With this peeling we will remove the dead skin cells so that the skin feels less rough. By stimulating cell division, the beautiful, young and hydrated skin cells are pushed to the surface faster, making the skin more radiant. The skin can now also hold the moisture. Suitable for dehydrated skin.


Even and radiant skin color

If the skin looks dull, it no longer shines. This chemical peel and antioxidants make the skin glow again. Suitable for anyone with dull, dry skin and a slight discoloration.


Pigmentation / Skin discolorations

Do you suffer from pigmentation spots? Then this peeling will help you with this. We combine advanced pigment technologies with exfoliating methods to make superficial pigmentation spots less visible. Suitable for pigment discolorations, blotchy skin, sun damage or hormonal discolorations.



With a peeling we tackle the excessive sebum production and blockages. Also a nice peeling if you suffer from acne + skin aging. Suitable for anyone with acne and/or blemished skin.

TC-Cryo Lipolysis

Permanent fat removal without surgery! The treatment is fast, effective, safe and painless. Without injections, operations or recovery period. This new technique makes it possible to treat fat in specific places such as the abdomen, waist (love handles), thighs (saddlebags) and back without damaging tissue.

The removal of the fat cells is permanent, just like a liposuction, in a healthy lifestyle. The results are retained as long as with liposuction. If you maintain your weight through sufficient exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the results will also remain stable in the long term.

Depending on the body part, a 3 to 10 centimeter reduction in size can be achieved per treatment. After the treatment, no recovery time is required and you can continue with your daily activities. This makes the treatment a perfect alternative to liposuction. You will be amazed at the results.

The TC CRYO is a thermocontrast therapy with a safe controlled temperature (no freezing). The TC CRYO switches from + 6 degrees to +41 degrees in just 6 seconds with a total duration of 55 minutes per treatment.

Medi Spa

Icoone Laser Massage

By diet and size reduction you ensure that your skin loosens extra. With Icoone laser we can simultaneously target subcutaneous fat tissue and bring your skin in optimal condition through mechanical connective tissue massage. Released waste products from TC Cryo therapy, among other things, are removed, the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen, fat accumulations are tackled, elasticity of the skin is increased and contours are tightened. The LED and laser additions in this therapy ensure that fat cells are dealt with even more because the fat in the cells is liquefied and removed.

It is also possible to add extra zones to the treatment such as the popular ‘butt-lift’ for a lifted buttocks or the cellulite treatment for ‘saddlebags’ and the well-known ‘swimming band’. You can discuss these options with the practitioner during the intake or before each treatment.

Dermalux ®

Dermalux light therapy has been clinically proven and has been voted the best skin treatment in England for two years in a row. We are very happy that we can offer you this therapy, Agua’s Dermalux really works!

Light therapy rejuvenates, repairs and revitalizes and achieves fantastic results in the field of skin problems and anti-aging. In combination with Priori peels, the effect is completely amazing. Try it yourself and book now a Dermalux session!

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Oxygen power facials

All our life functions depend on oxygen. Our body cells constantly need sufficient oxygen to be able to obtain energy from structure and nutrients in order to function optimally.

With an oxygen treatment, skin improvement products with 95-98% pure oxygen are brought deeper into the skin under high pressure to optimize cell functions. The blood circulation is improved, making the skin more radiant. The skin appears plumper, elasticity is increased and skin moisture is improved. Our oxygen method is supported by various medical studies.

Receive special attention:
Nose-lips fold, the area around the mouth, the eye area, the thinking wrinkle and the transverse wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks. OXYGEN POWER FACIAL is 100% safe, effective and relaxing to undergo. Inhalation therapy can also be booked separately. Ask our specialists for more information .