The importance of healthy skin

Shall we get serious about the importance of healthy skin?

Doctor Drs. Noor van den Boom has devoted an article to this at our request and we are happy to share that with you as a regular customer of Agua Skin Institute. Drs. Van den Boom is convinced that building a good resistance to viruses and bacteria is of great importance. Taking care of the largest organ in your body (an average of 1.7 square meters!) The skin is the first barrier and an important step.

The skin:

  • provide protection against viruses and bacteria
  • feeling touch / pressure
  • temperature regulation
  • pigmentation of the skin as protection against UV radiation
  • the production of vitamin D.
  • capacity for wound healing and self-healing


“Take care of the largest organ in your body: the skin! This is not only your calling card, but also essential for the barrier function against pathogens ” – Drs. Van den Boom

Given the complexity of the skin, good knowledge of this is essential, so that the right care can be chosen in anticipation. Choosing these right skin care products and routine can be overwhelming without the help of expert and qualified therapists. The skin has a (great) barrier function, determined by a so-called ‘semipermeable membrane’. This membrane ensures that certain substances are allowed through and other substances are not. In addition, this membrane regulates the correct moisture regulation in your skin. Due to these barrier functions, the skin prevents many ingredients from a wide variety of creams and other skin care products from penetrating deep into the skin. As a result, the active substances that would be present therein cannot penetrate deeply into the skin and are therefore ineffective. Buying skin products ‘just like that’ – without specialist advice – is therefore absolutely not recommended. What can penetrate the membrane of the skin is, among other things, radiation such as UV radiation, infrared rays and lipoids (fats). These are substances that are soluble in fat, such as the vitamins ADE and K.

“Due to the barrier function of your skin, many skin products are ineffective, which is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to purchase skin products without specialist advice” –  Drs. Van den Boom

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner, making imperfections and skin imperfections more visible. In addition, the skin becomes less and less elastic and loses its moisture regulation, making the skin increasingly drier. This ‘skin aging’ starts around the age of 24 e  year of life! From that moment on it is (mainly) essential to ensure proper care of your skin. Every skin is different and consists of several structures, making it different for everyone which products he or she needs.

Van den Boom: “I now have quite a bit of experience with various beauty salons and skin institutes myself. I was often given fictitious advice such as: ‘With this moisturizing cream, you make your skin glow again’. You simply cannot ‘bring in’ moisture with a cream.  You can stimulate optimal moisture regulation of your skin by drinking enough and using a correct cream that allows certain substances (that attract moisture) to pass through your skin barrier.  Or, another myth, a treatment was recommended that supposedly made my skin glow again. Nothing is less true. You really have to get started with good products yourself. Schedule a long-term treatment every so often to keep your skin in optimal condition. This is just like with the sports. By exercising once you do not get a “bikini body” for this you really have to adjust your lifestyle.

That is how I came into contact with AGUA Skin Institute in Eindhoven. At AGUA, quality is above quantity. Here they share my opinion that skin improvement is a longer term process. The treatments are also adapted to the latest scientific developments. And they work with the best products, including QMS. The treatments are carried out by specialists and personal attention is of paramount importance to Agua. I felt genuinely understood, and more importantly, taken seriously. Of course you do not necessarily need someone with a skin specialization for a relaxing treatment. But believe me; if you go for skin improvement, this is indeed essential!  At Agua Skin Institute this is both combined, and you can relax as well as improve your skin; ideal.

“At SKIN INSTITUTE AGUA relaxation is combined with skin improvement, a unique combination”  – Drs. Van den Boom

During this introductory treatment, I was carefully told by the skin specialist what the steps she took and what the condition of my skin was like at the moment. There is a lot of difference between the type of treatment. What I find remarkable about AGUA is that they combine AGUA relaxation with skin improvement. For example, during the treatment I was very pampered by a relaxing massage while my face mask was withdrawing. I found it remarkable that the skin specialist did NOT leave the room during the retraction of the facial mask, but used this opportunity to give me extra relaxation. The mask that was applied to me was a so-called algae mask. This mask nourishes my skin intensively and also shows where my skin needs extra attention / care. After this, extra oxygen was offered to my skin through oxygen therapy. This oxygen does pass through the skin’s barrier and thus ensures that the skin is extra nourished and the skin gets an immediate “boost”.

“The skin barrier is not broken at SKIN INSTITUTE AGUA. The DNA remains intact and the RNA improves ”  – Drs. Van den Boom

After this treatment, I was advised the following products (see below). What I found remarkable was that, contrary to what I initially thought and applied myself, I was advised to use a lot less products. This also really gave me the idea that they are looking specifically at my skin, without having a ‘sales pitch’. In addition, I was clearly asked what I find most annoying about my skin. I indicated what I think my skin care should meet. ”

Agua’s advice:

  1. Cleaning my face with the Deep Gentle Cleanser from QMS medicosmetics.  A cleaning lotion, which I massage onto my face with my hands, and then rinse with lukewarm water. I also take all my makeup off my face with this. Afterwards my skin does not feel tight, unlike previous lotions that I have used.
  2. Eye Cream: Epigen Depuff Pollution Shield Eye Serum  from QMS medicosmetics.  Thanks to the ceramic tip where the cream comes out, I can apply the cream under my eyes in a massaging way and thus (extra) stimulate the edema drive under my eyes. After this I see immediate results because my eyes look less tired, it also gives me an extra moment of relaxation in the morning.
  3. For my further face the  Epigen Pollution Detox Serum  from  QMS medicosmetics.  This serum mainly works against the pigmentation on my face, and thus prevents further damage from pigmentation.
  4. Active Glow SPF-15 ”from QMS medicosmetics.  This cream with a light shade, SPF sun protection and moisturizing factors makes it an ideal day cream.
  5. The  Liquid Proteins cream from QMS medicosmetics.  This cream improves my skin thanks to the combination of different skin identical proteins such as Ceramides, Silk proteins, Squalan, and Hyaluronic Acid which can all diffuse well through the skin barrier.

“Before the second treatment there was already a clear progression in the condition of my skin. The edema formation under my eyes in particular was clearly reduced. During this treatment my skin was thoroughly cleansed, without chemical aids. This does not damage the skin barrier and keeps your DNA intact, improving your RNA. Joyce (skin specialist) indicated during the treatment that it is absolutely not necessary to break the skin barrier. Some “influencers” on social media look as if they have scraped the ground with their faces after a treatment, this should ensure a better condition of the skin. They absolutely disagree with this at AGUA. No chemical agents are used here that destroy the skin barrier. An important fact is that it has not been scientifically proven that breaking the skin barrier ensures a better skin condition. ”

At AGUA Skin Institute, the RNA of the skin is improved without damaging the skin barrier with chemicals, so the DNA of your skin remains intact ”- Drs. van den Boom

“After the second treatment I continued to use the above 5 products from QMS medicosmetics. During these weeks I have achieved more and more results. Because I have consistently worked with this daily facial routine, I have also been able to really objectify what this does to the condition of my skin. ”

“Now after four months I can conclude that as a medical professional I am very satisfied with the customer-friendliness, professionalism and of course the result. I therefore believe that if you really want to create skin improvement, you have to adjust your ‘skin lifestyle’. Just as you need to get the right vitamins and minerals every day to be healthy, this also applies to the largest organ in your body: the skin! In order to optimally care for your skin, you have to get started with the right products and treatments! Specialized advice in this area is essential, and at AGUA Skin Institute you are definitely at the right place for this. ”

“To go for skin improvement you have to adjust your ‘skin lifestyle’ accordingly. Professional advice by skin specialists is essential! – Drs. van den Boom