Botox Eindhoven

Botox Eindhoven

When it comes to Botox in Eindhoven, you are in good hands at Agua Spa Health & Beauty at the Wilhelminaplein in the city centre. In a relaxed environment, cosmetic surgeon Elle Vissers provides high quality and safe treatments. Botox® makes you look radiant and fresh without surgery.

Botox Eindhoven

Botox at Agua

Agua Spa Health & Beauty is the place to be for anti-aging and botox in Eindhoven. We only work with cosmetic surgeons and renowned specialists and always prioritize quality, safety and personal attention. Moreover, all of our treatments are performed in a relaxed and luxurious environment where you will feel at ease!

We are pleased that in addition to our beauty treatments, we can offer you Botox® treatments. If you would like to know more about the possibilities or if you would like personal advice, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment! Finally, feel free to read more below.

What is Botox

Botox® is a registered trademark and stands for botulinum toxin, a natural protein that is produced by a bacterium. A Botox® injections is not a filler but weakens the facial muscles that cause facial expressions and wrinkles. Because the muscles barely contract anymore, or not all, the skin smoothes out and fine lines and wrinkles fade.

A Botox® treatment is safe. The agent only has a temporary effect on the treated muscle and no effect on the rest of the body. Moreover, a treated muscle recovers completely after a few months.

Botox Treatment

Botox® is injected into the skin through very thin needles. A treatment only takes a few minutes and is generally not considered to be painful. The effect of a Botox® treatment is visible within 1 to 2 days and peaks after 2 weeks. Moreover, the total time it lasts is 3 to 4 weeks on average.

Agua’s botox in Eindhoven is provided by cosmetic surgeon Elle Visser. She went to medical school and has a lot of experience including plastic surgery. Several years ago, she specialized in medical and cosmetic skin improvement. To read more about Elle please visit our medi-spa page.

Botox behandelingen in Eindhoven

When Botox

Botox® offers a solution for anyone who is annoyed by their wrinkles, crow’s feet or ugly lines. Botox® is also applicable when it comes to medical issues. For example:

  • frown and forehead wrinkles
  • wells in the chin
  • lines on the nose
  • crow’s feet
  • excessive sweating
  • migraine and headaches
  • gnashing of teeth

When Fillers

In addition to Botox®, we also offer fillers in Eindhoven which are based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally occurs in the body. By injecting a filler, wrinkles are filled up which causes them to fade or even disappear.

More specifically, Botox® offers a solution for dynamic wrinkles. Fillers also help with so-called static wrinkles that are visible when the face is relaxed. Some applications of fillers:

  • puffiness and dark circles
  • lips, nose line and nose bridge
  • droopy mouth
  • filling of cheekbones and (sunken) cheeks
  • filling of hollow areas

Options and Rates

Botox® and fillers are both so-called “injectables”. Which method you choose entirely depends on your needs and expectations. Therefore, it is important to make these clear during your first appointment.

Do you want your skin to look radiant and fresh (again) and are you curious about the possibilities of botox and fillers in Eindhoven? Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

To find out more about the rates of our injectables, please go to our medi-spa page.

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