Agua offers an extensive range of massages. Whether you opt for a sports, relax, hot stone massage or aromatherapy: there is a benefit for everyone. Let go of all stress, experience a complete sense of well-being and step outside with renewed energy.

Individual sport / relax massage

Tailored to your specific wishes, of 30 or 60 minutes.

30/60 Minutes

€ 49,50 / € 79,-

ESPA aromatherapy massage

An essential, and specific massage of the whole body using a unique essential oil blend, specifically chosen for you. You can choose from the following focus areas: Detoxifier, De-stresser, Muscle relaxer, Energiser, and Body toner.

60/90 minutes

€ 95, – / € 125, –

ESPA Hot stone massage

Volcano stones and aromatherapy combine to relax your body. The heat of the stones is completely absorbed by the muscles to make complaints and tensions disappear.

60/90 minutes

€ 99, – / € 139, –

ESPA Muscle reviver

A short massage that counteracts tension-related headaches and neck complaints. The back, face and scalp are extensively massaged so that you go home completely recharged.

45 minutes

€ 65, –

ESPA Back, neck and shoulder

Extra tense areas are addressed with specially selected massage techniques for optimal relaxation. A specially selected ESPA body oil is used, and where necessary also hot stones.

30 minutes

€ 55,-

ESPA Shoulder, neck, and scalp massage

Targets the most tense areas of the body, using an ESPA body oil specially selected for you. Where necessary, hot stones are used for extra relaxation.

30 minutes

€ 55,-

Pregnancy massage

A wonderful, relieving pregnancy massage for Mum’s to be!

60 Minutes

€ 89, –

AA Body refiner

A firming and slimming treatment to refine the contours of your body and remove excess fluids, resulting in a slimmer silhouette and smoother skin.

60 Minutes

€ 80, –