Thanks to top of the range products and techniques, Agua always achieves optimal results with face treatments. During a skin consultation, we look together at which treatment is most suitable for you. Whether you opt for relaxing care or an intensive skin-improving treatment: our beauticians understand their profession.

Now New at Agua: ICOONE Laser connective tissue massage for tighter contours, skin improvement and rejuvenation. Ask your specialist for more information!


Ultimate oxygen power facial (incl. light therapy)

A unique treatment that combines skin improvement products with 95-98% pure oxygen. This treatment consists of: a deep cleansing, patented oxygen pressure injection, contour lifting and a draining massage, oxygen spray, collagen or nourishing mask, oxygen inhalation, and optionally light therapy. The skin appears plumper, elasticity is increased, and the moisture content of the skin is improved. Optional is also a closure with Dermalux light therapy for an extra boost.

90/120 Minutes

€ 149,-/ €169,-

Basic oxygen treatment including QMS Medicosmetics

Cleaning, fruit acid, oxygen and care

30 minutes

€ 62,50

!QMS Sensitive Skin Re-balance Treatment

Sensitive skin is rebalanced. A cleansing, soothing and nourishing treatment.

60 Minutes

€ 98,-

!QMS deep cleansing Intense treatment

A thorough cleaning and peeling without damaging the skin barrier. Then an algae mask, collagen treatment for the improvement of moisture content and skin structure. Optional is also a conclusion with Dermalux light therapy or an oxygen treatment for an extra boost.

60 Minutes

€ 98,-

!QMS Activator Treatment

Intensive treatment for dehydrated skin. It makes your skin glow with energy again. Optional is also a closure with Dermalux light therapy for an extra boost.

60 Minutes

€ 98,-

!QMS Neo Tissuedermie

This super anti-aging treatment stimulates the firming and elasticity of the skin and restores moisture and fat balance. A luxurious treatment with powerful effect. Optional is also a conclusion with Dermalux light therapy or an oxygen treatment for an extra boost.

90 Minutes

€ 129,-

!QMS Urban repair treatment

The latest treatment from !QMS suitable for all skin types. A powerful detox treatment for the skin to rid it of daily toxins, intensely moisturize and make it shine again. Includes oxygen.

90 Minutes

€ 129,-

!QMS Mother of pearl

This ultra luxurious treatment with beautiful results is anti-aging at a high level! Using mother-of-pearl extract for deep hydration, rich nutrition and a radiant complexion of the face, neck and décolleté. With immediate and permanent results to slow down skin aging. Includes oxygen.

90 Minutes

€ 149,-

! QMS SK-alpha treatment

A collagen treatment aimed at a better circulation and removal of waste products for a radiant fresh skin.

75 Minutes

€ 115,-

ESPA Personalized express facial

The specialist chooses the most appropriate treatment for your skin. Each ESPA personalized facial includes a consultation with SkinVision lamp analysis, a cleanse, exfoliation, face mask and a booster serum adapted to your skin.

30 minutes

€ 65,-

ESPA personalized facial

This expert facial is specifically adapted to your skin with a deep cleanse, exfoliation and personalized extras; intensive serum booster, massage and mask adapted to your individual needs for maximum results. Optional is also a closure with Dermalux light therapy for an extra boost.

60 Minutes

€ 98,-

ESPA's Golden Trio - Back, face, scalp (incl. Hot stone)

Also known as the hero of ESPA. This comprehensive treatment focuses on three areas. Including exfoliation of the back, a back massage with hot stones, a facial treatment completely tailored to your wishes, and a relaxing scalp massage to finish.

90/120 Minutes

€ 135, -/ € 165, –

ESPA deep cleanse (incl. Light therapy)

An intensive treatment with a triple purification. Gentle exfoliation, facial massage and an intensive mask. Resulting in a super clean and fresh skin. Optional is also a closure with Dermalux light therapy for an extra boost.

90 Minutes

€ 129, –

Agua signature facial - ESPA Optimal Pro with eye lift

Reveal naturally beautiful and visibly healthy skin with this target facial. Designed to balance, hydrate and revitalize. A three-phase cleanse technology with Clarisonic brushing starts the facial using the best selling pro range to put their potent natural active ingredients to work for visibly healthier and more radiant skin. Richly nourishing and actively hydrating oils, serums and moisturizers are transported to where your skin needs them most. Finally, targeted eye products and massages lift and refresh the eyes and face. Free radical damage and early signs of aging are visibly reduced.

90 Minutes

€ 149, –

ESPA Lift and firm eye treatment

Perfect for those concerned about the first signs of aging around the eyes. An effective tightening and moisturizing treatment helps reduce fine lines and relieve eye strain and “computer headaches”. For a more rested, fresh and youthful look.

30 minutes

€ 59,-

A/N/G Detox Hydra Glow Treatment

Every day our skin is exposed to internal and external stress factors that can dry out the skin and damage the protective barrier. This treatment tackles the consequences of these stress factors with an Algae Complex. After the treatment the skin will be detoxified and immediately hydrated, leaving the skin with a beautiful and healthy glow.

30 minuten


Skinceuticals® Anti pigmentation peel or Anti Aging Peel

This treatment increases the growth of healthy new skin cells, removes dead skin cells, and increases the moisture content of the skin. A wonderful treatment for an immediate boost! A superior brightening and anti-aging peel treatment that provides visible results.

30 minutes

€ 95, –

Agua's Signature Glow Treatment

Combination of the mild gel peel with a soothing and tightening cryo and oxygen treatment that makes your skin shine as reborn, fresh and without ‘downtime’. Fine lines are immediately visibly reduced. Superficial blemishes are faded and the skin’s hydration is boosted. The best anti-aging treatment for every skin! We recommend doing this treatment only in the fall and winter months.


60 minutes


Dermalux ™ revive Light therapy

Dermalux ™ Light therapy – rejuvenates, repairs and revitalizes.

Dermalux ™ Light therapy is a treatment that uses the power of light to accelerate the natural rejuvenation and repair of the skin. The treatment is clinically proven and effective for a wide variety of skin conditions; from anti-aging and acne to sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

30 minutes

€ 45, –

Dermalux ™ revive light therapy package

Dermalux ™ Lighttherapy – rejuvenates, repairs and revitalizes.
For optimal results we offer this course of 10 treatments.

TIP: book a Dermalux Light therapy cure together with a Priori Peeling cure for an Amazing result !!

(10 treatments)

€ 405, –