To complete our range of beauty products, Agua Skin Institute offers the possibility to add extras to a treatment. Feel completely celeb, relax and be amazed at the wonderful result of our extras, additional care essentials!

Eyebrow wax/tinting

Lash tinting

Lip wax/chin wax

2 parts €38,-

3 parts €48,-

(you can also add these extras as an add-on in all facials)


Henna Brows

Including eyebrow waxing


Powder Brows

Including side effect after 6-8 weeks. Reservation by phone necessary.


Brow Lift-Lamination


Lash Lift


Basic Make up by Delilah


Evening Make-up by Delilah


Arm wax


Back wax


Bikini wax


½ leg wax



Full leg wax

€ 49, –

Armpit wax

€ 35, –