The varied range of body treatments ensures that Agua in Eindhoven always has a suitable treatment for you. With a body treatment we tackle problem areas or bring about an overall improvement of the skin. Of course we use top quality products!


Tip: book the TC Cryo thermo contrast therapy treatment in combination with the Icoone Laser for unprecedented and fantastic results…

ESPA's Golden Trio - Back, face, scalp (incl. Hot stone)

Also known as the hero of ESPA. This comprehensive treatment focuses on three areas. Including exfoliation of the back, a back massage with hot stones, a facial treatment completely tailored to your wishes, and a relaxing scalp massage to finish.

90/120 Minutes

€ 135, – / € 165, –

ESPA body polish

Bodybrush & scrub for an ultimate polished skin.

30 minutes

€ 49, –

ESPA Salt & oil scrub

This very special treatment exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin and then optimally nourishes it with essential oils. A perfect treatment on its own, or as preparation for an ESPA massage.

30 minutes

€ 55, –

ESPA Hair & scalp treatment

A therapeutic head massage with ESPA’s famous pink hair and scalp mud. Relieves tension and ensures a healthy scalp and radiant hair!

30 minutes

€ 55,-

Ultimate Detox Reviver

Detox your body with a luxurious scrub, detox mud and delicious essential oils massaged in as a heavenly ending to feel clean and reborn.

60 Minutes

€ 89, –

AA Body refiner

A firming and slimming treatment to refine the contours of your body and remove excess fluids, resulting in a slimmer silhouette and smoother skin.

60 Minutes

€ 89, –

Perfect back - scrub & wrap

Especially for the back. This treatment restores the (problem) skin, making the back smooth, radiant and even.

30 minutes

€ 55, –


Permanent fat removal without surgery! The treatment is fast, effective, safe (no freezing!) and painless. Without injections, operations or recovery period. The removal of the fat cells is permanent, just like liposuction, with a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the body part, a 3 to 10 centimeter reduction in size can be achieved per treatment.

Cure of 3: € 349,- | Course of 6: € 649, –

55 Minutes

€ 139, –

Icoone connective tissue massage

Are you looking for a natural, painless and 100% safe treatment to tackle your skin slackening, wrinkles or cellulite? Icoone® is able to activate your connective tissue and improve your blood circulation in a completely painless way. This reduces (local) fat deposits, activates and stimulates collagen. You will see visible results after just one treatment. icoone® can be used not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for medical indications such as: lipedema, lymphedema and scar therapy.

By call for extra focus zone


40/60 Minutes

1 focus zone/

2 focus zones