Always longed for that 5 star Beauty feeling from London, Paris or New York? Come to Agua! Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a relaxing time massage, intensive facial, bodytreatment or manicure / pedicure.

Also for anti-aging and skin problems we have effective peels and a clinically proven, award-winning light therapy that we as the only one in the Netherlands offer!

So whatever you come for: at Agua you get the most effective treatments and best products. Also for men ! Enjoy your beautiful self @ Agua!

A soft, fresh skin, a natural glow and feeling completely relaxed. Doesn’t that sound great? Let yourself be expertly pampered at Agua with an extensive facial treatment or for an immediate boost to the skin, opt for an effective exfoliation.

In addition, our beauticians are happy to advise you on the most suitable treatment for your skin type. If you want, you can extend a beauty treatment with extra elements such as waxing, epilation and make up. You feel reborn!

Priori Skincare


With a chemical peel, a superficial layer of the skin is removed. The products that are used exfoliate the dead skin cells, revealing the fresh, young skin cells underneath. A peeling also stimulates the production of natural proteins and cell renewal so that your skin looks softer, younger and more radiant.

More information about the operation and results? Then go to our extensive peeling page. Or make an appointment right away for personal advice.

Dermalux ®

Dermalux light therapy has been clinically proven and has been voted the best skin treatment in England for two years in a row. We are very happy that we can offer you this therapy, as the only one in the Netherlands. Agua’s Dermalux really works!

Light therapy rejuvenates, repairs and revitalizes and achieves fantastic results in the field of skin problems and anti-aging. In combination with Priori peels, the effect is completely amazing. Try it yourself and book a Dermalux session now!


A relaxing scrub, effective detox, natural slimming treatment, intensively moisturizing body treatment… Agua offers it all. Your skin will glow thanks to our richly nourishing top-quality products. This is ultimate luxury!

Our professional masseurs are ready for a sports- or relaxation massage, hot stone massage or aromatherapy. Let go of all stress and experience a complete sense of well-being. Nice, just an escape from the busy daily life.

Nail bar

For a pedicure or manicure Agua is the right place for you. While your nails are being looked after by a professional employee, you can relax in a spacious sofa with a good book or delicious gossip leaf and a nice drink or juice.

Curious about the latest techniques and the latest trends? Come to the Nailbar & pick a color! From gel polish to French manicure. For those who like to save valuable time, we also offer a simultaneous mani-pedi.

Agua nailbar

Beauty: the importance of healthy skin

Shall we get serious about the importance of healthy skin?

Doctor Drs. Noor van den Boom has devoted an article to this at our request and we are happy to share that with you as a regular customer of Agua Skin Institute. Drs. Van den Boom is convinced that building a good resistance to viruses and bacteria is of great importance. Taking care of the largest organ in your body (an average of 1.7 square meters!) The skin is the first barrier and an important step.

Read the rest of the article here:

Insiders tip:

Besides beauty  treatments Agua offers health programs for a healthy lifestyle and other luxurious facilities.
The combination is pure enjoyment.